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Talking Heads® can powerfully explain your product, service or process in an Whiteboard Video!

Our Whiteboard Videos Will Keep Viewers' ATTENTION!

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Survey vs Collaboration

A Great video starts with a Great script.

At Talking Heads® we don't ask you to fill out a lame generic survey and we don't use freelance writers. We listen to you, ask you lots of questions and listen some more and then when we're on the same page and headed in the right direction we collaborate with you live over Google Docs to create a custom script using powerful words to engage and motivate your viewers to take action. Say no to surveys and companies that won't spend a lot of time to talk to you.

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Custom vs Generic

Generic ads get Generic results

Your Whiteboard images should be customized for your specific business model. At Talking Heads we collaborate with you to brainstorm the best custom ideas. We don't force you into template or stock images and unlike other companies you're not stuck with one choice of drawing style with Talking Heads you can choose from many different styles. We co not use Video Scribe or any other lame programs like that.

Get it right the first time with a Whiteboard Video from Talking Heads.

We use fast-paced, brain stimulated imagery and content to ignite your customers build their interest in your solution and ignite their buying habits. You need a professional video to help customers understand your service and then be motivated to buy. We get that! Our videos focus on results. After making over 50,000 videos we understand that certain styles of video work better for different companies. Thats why we don't just make one style of video. We want to make sure you get the best results possible.